Saturday, 18 March 2017

Star Binder is Live Now at Kindle Scout

Hi guys!

Today is Day 1 of my Kindle Scout campaign for STAR BINDER, my new YA sci-fi novel. It's up for a publishing contract with Kindle Press, but it needs your support. With your nominations, it could get picked up by the Amazon publishing team.

How it works is this: my book page is up now on the Kindle Scout site. It shows my new cover art and an excerpt from the book. Amazon readers check it out, and if they like what they see, they can nominate the book for publication. The more nominations a book receives, the more likely the Kindle Press team will consider it for a contract with them. It's something I haven't tried before, but it sounds like a great opportunity.

Its all about reader support. So if you've got a spare minute, head on over to my STAR BINDER book page, and if you like what you see there, please nominate it. With your help, this one could go all the way.

I'll share the book cover on here at the end of the campaign, whether it's successful or not. Thanks for your support!