Tuesday, 5 February 2008

New Book Contracts Signed!

I'm excited to announce the imminent publication of three new e-books by Eternal Press.

An up-and-coming publisher based in Australia, EP boasts a rosta of very talented authors - their book reviews back up that claim - writing in genres as diverse as Erotic Romance and Science-Fiction. I was thrilled to learn I'd be joining one of my favourite poets (and long-time published author) Sally Odgers at EP. A chance to resurrect our famous Fanstory time machine? You never know.

So, which books are mine?

Well, I'll post more info on each title shortly before publication, but for now here's a short preview of what to expect from Robert Appleton in 2008:

THE ELEVEN-HOUR FALL (sci-fi romance novella)

For survival, for love...on a mysterious planet light-years from home.

With the man of her dreams unconscious in her arms, astronaut Kate Borrowdale must escape the treacherous peaks of Kratos and traverse a strange, hidden world beneath the clouds.

Landing April 2008.

CAFE AT THE EDGE OF OUTER SPACE (sci-fi romance, for the EP Coffee Break Selection)

The setting: the distant future. Due to our planet's overpopulation, every child is exiled from the earth on his or her sixteenth birthday. They are not allowed back until they reach twenty-six. On the voyage out, each is paired with a mate in order to kick-start "adulthood". And they must all pass through the 'cafe on the edge of outer space', the legendary waystation orbiting Earth.

Frank Archer isn't ready for life away from home. He's smitten with his new girl, Emma Whitaker, but a ten-year banishment just after high school isn't exactly the rite of passage he wants. Nor is surviving a deadly explosion. But he's out there with a beautiful girl to protect, and it's time for the boy to become a man...whether he likes it or not.

Coming soon...

ESTHER MAY MORROW'S BUY OR BORROW (paranormal short story anthology)

Writing as Arthur Everest.

Who is Esther May Morrow? Why is it that her strange shop, resembling something out of medieval England, has remained unchanged from the nineteenth to the twenty-third century. What is she selling? And who will come to buy...?

SPELLBOUND – featuring an eight-year-old boy and an old army canteen.

GIN RUMMY - Set in 1899. Featuring a professional cardsharp with a dark secret and a desire to win at all costs.

CRETACEOUS – featuring an old man, his dying dog, and a chance for immortality.

THE FACE NEVER LIES – featuring a vengeful Marine and a special pocket watch.

MISS OLIVIA - Set in Hollywood 2237. Featuring a celebrated male prostitute and his unrequited love…for Olivia de Havilland!

Eerie, amusing and always original, these stories address the personal journeys of five haunted individuals, for whom quirks of time shed new light on their dilemmas. No one who enters Esther May’s shop is ever the same again.

Coming soon...

In the meantime, check out the catalogue of quality titles available from Eternal Press.