Monday, 21 September 2009

REVIEW: Finnish Fantasies by Sloane Taylor

Sloane Taylor
Published by Amber Quill Press (Amber Heat)
Length: Novella
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-572-0 (Electronic)
Erotic/ Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Being Maid of Honor in Finland over Midsummer’s Eve is supposed to be fun, but for jingle writer Kate Adams it’s a nightmare. Things go from bad to worse when her high-priced rental car dies on an endless ribbon of bone-dry country road. Help arrives in the form of a delicious-looking, blue-collar local who just might make it all worthwhile.
Rurik Jaacko knows better than to stop for the princess perched on the hood of a Mercedes. Hot women and expensive cars are trouble, but he’s a sucker for any damsel in distress. The last thing he expects is to play bellhop to the sensual American, and love every sizzling moment.

A rustic pig farm and a friend who isn’t combine with deception to create the backdrop for earthy passion and international fraud...

So...what can a hunky pig farmer who owns a forest, and a strong-willed jingle writer on her way to be Maid of Honour at a posh wedding, possibly have in common? Well, this being a Sloane Taylor story, you already know there will be a lot of witty repartee, lots of neurotic fireworks, and LOTS of very hot sex. No one combines these elements of erotic comedy better.

Ms. Taylor is on fine form with this hugely enjoyable Scandinavian concoction. Kate’s snarky put-downs are a hoot, while Rurik, quickly revelling in his role as impromptu host, serves up plenty of surprises for his sexy American guest. Both characters are fun to be around. I was also intrigued by a sub-plot involving Kate’s best friend, Lucy, whose high society betrothal to the loathsome Lars takes a startling turn.

One thing I love about Ms. Taylor’s writing is the endless reservoir of wit she can dip into at will. Mundane exchanges become sparkling back-and-forths as her characters vie for dominance. Also worth mentioning is the satisfying research that goes into bringing these exotic countries to life. The customs, language, and genuine feel for this rural environment kept me immersed. I’ll definitely look forward to seeing where Ms. Taylor visits next. In the meantime, Finnish Fantasies is great fun.

Warning: contains scorching sex scenes, BDSM, a flagrant disregard for clothing, and the cutest spokes-pig ever.

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Don't forget to visit Sloane's website and blog. She's one of my favourite authors.


Sloane Taylor said...

THANK YOU, Rob, for the wonderful review! You've made me one happy author.:) Damn, man, I can't come up with any wit right now I'm so awed. LOL

Melissa Bradley said...

I, too enjoyed this tale immensely. Great review! Sloane is one of my very favorite authors.

Robert Appleton said...

You're welcome, Sloane. I want to see all of that natural beauty in Finland. I'm talking about Kate. hehe

Robert Appleton said...

Hi Melissa! You've got great taste. I took a chance on one of Sloane's French books earlier this year and was hooked right away.

This one deserves HUGE sales.