Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cover Art - Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth

Renee Rocco just sent me this gorgeous cover art for Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth, my upcoming sci-fi novel at Lyrical Press. I had a blast writing it at the end of last year, over about six weeks of unabashed, child-like outer space fever. What can I say? I'm a sucker for 1950's sci-fi films, late-Victorian speculative fiction writers (Wells, Burroughs etc.), and all-round adventuresome heroics. Charlie Thorpe-Campbell is a kind of modern-day spin on those virtuous, intrepid protagonists of old.

The cover wryly captures the dazzle and the arrogance of Charlie's status as the world's fastest RAM-runner. A huge thanks to Ms. Rocco for delivering this top-notch artwork.

December 7th can't arrive soon enough!

Here's the official blurb:

Charlie has spent his entire life running, but he can't outrun himself.
Celebrity athlete, Charlie Thorpe-Campbell is living out his family legacy of being among the fastest men in the world. Arrogant and self-absorbed, he prefers the limelight to facing up to emotional and social issues. And certainly, as the reigning champion RAM-runner, he literally runs rings around the earth.

All this changes when during the annual Tonne Run he is whisked away through a wormhole and finds himself on a barren, isolated planet with the fate of the galaxy resting on his athletic ability.
Will Charlie run rings around his enemies or will he continue running away?

You can learn about Charlie's real-life ancestors--British speed legends Malcolm and Donald Campbell--on my webpage here!

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