Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Mythmakers at Samhain Publishing!

...and just like that, I'm now a Samhain author. I'd better keep saying that until it sinks in.

Say who? Okay, Samhain is one of the best, most well-respected e-Publishers in the market right now. They specialize in romance and erotica, but most of all they love a good story. If it bends the genre conventions a little, well...even better. You'll find many of the top eBook writers there (as well as some NY authors), not to mention editors and artists. But above all, it's the publisher I've wanted to sign with since I started in 2007.

My sci-fi romance/adventure THE MYTHMAKERS will be published as part of their Space Opera Anthology in February 2010. All titles will be released as separate eBooks.

THE MYTHMAKERS is the story of Captain Steffi Savannah and her weary crew of deep space smugglers. Fleeing the authorities after a disastrous heist, they discover a giant, crippled alien ship drifting aimlessly. Any opportunity for salvage is short-lived, however, when Steffi meets the inhabitants--a stunning array of mythological creatures, including Arne, a blond hunk with no inhibitions except one...his closely kept secret.

Rediscover the magic of romance and adventure in this thrilling adventure set in the deep unknown of space.

More details coming soon!

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