Monday, 1 September 2008

'Bits of the Dead' Now Available

I can't wait to read this one. My flash fiction zombie story Cemetery is in some pretty intimidating company. Check it out...

Geoff Bough, Editor, Revenant Magazine

"I'd put Bits of the Dead right up there with the likes of Skipp and Spector's Book of the Dead or David J. Schow's Zombie Jam -- each eerie tale featuring it's own new take on the dead. If you're a fan of zombies and zombie fiction . . . load your gun, stock your basement and make a run to grab this book!" From the Back Cover

They live.
They die.
They return. Zombies.
38 authors.
38 gut-wrenching tales.
Flash fiction at its finest, all illustrated by underground favorite Sean Simmans and edited by Keith Gouveia.

Stories by
Piers Anthony, Robert Appleton, Joel Arnold, Drew Brown, Adam-Troy Castro, Nick Cato, C.M. Clifton, Christopher Allan Death, Ed Dempster, J.G. Faherty, Paul A. Freeman, Charles A. Gramlich, J.H. Hobson, M.M. Johnson, Michael Josef, Kiernan Kelly, Nancy Kilpatrick, Michael Laimo, Catherine MacLeod, James Newman, Kurt Newton, Jeff Parish, Matthew John Peters, Jeffrey C. Pettengill, Daniel Pyle, Gina Ranalli, Steven Savile, Julia Sevin, R.J. Sevin, Nate Southard, Jeff Strand, Simon Strantzas, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Lee Thomas, William T. Vandemark, Steve Vernon, Tim Waggoner, John Weagly

Bits of the Dead is a hard-hitting, pulse-pounding collection of zombie tales that'll have you ripping through the pages faster than a ghoul through a warm body. (

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