Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Review for The Elemental Crossing!

Elemental Crossing/Robert Appleton/Eternal Press/ebook/68pages

Marooned on Kratos with the man of her dreams, Kate isn’t always happy to go along with Jason’s wild schemes. Yet they have to find a place where they can survive in this hostile environment while they wait to see if a spaceship will come to rescue them.

Once again in this second book Kate and Jason are confronted by strange creatures. Some are friendly, some are dangerous, some are simply food – and some are poisonous to eat. How can they tell the difference? Kate falls ill and in a terrifying electric storm caused by an unidentified creature, Kate and Jason are separated. Each has to journey on alone to find a place to survive neither knowing if the other has survived. Will they survive and find happiness?

The second book in this fascinating sci-fi thriller series is as good as the first.

Five red roses, Linda


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