Saturday, 28 March 2009

Now Available in Paperback on Amazon!

Great news! My entire catalogue of Eternal Press eBooks is now available in print as well, short stories and all. Our CEO, Ally, has worked tirelessly these past few months to make it happen. My fellow EP authors and I are over the moon--electronic and paperback versions of all our books. My titles are:

Cafe at the Edge of Outer Space - $3.95
The Eleven-Hour Fall - $4.95
The Elemental Crossing - $5.50
Esther May Morrow's Buy or Borrow (as Arthur Everest) - $5.50
Esther May Morrow's Fruitless (as Arthur Everest) - $4.95
Esther May Morrow's Lot 62 (as Arthur Everest) - $3.95
Grandiloquence - $3.95

And you can still order them as eBooks at


Annie said...

Excellent read!

Robert Appleton said...

Thanks very much, Annie!