Monday, 4 May 2009

Val and Tyne at Damnation Books!

How did they do that? You sure you want to know? The submission guidelines called for dark, dark, plenty dark. I thus came up with a singularly twisted spin on undead re-animation, titled Val and Tyne. It's a one of a kind short story--a wicked mix of movie-making, black humour, and Frankenstein science. Oh, and Tyne Daly.

Damnation Books, a brand new e-publisher, launches this September with twenty-five titles. Its spotlight (or should that be shadow?) is on all things dark in fiction. The owner, Kim Richards, was formerly the marketing manager/editor at Eternal Press, as well as being an EPPIE Award finalist this year for her horror Death Masks. I can't wait to see what dark forces she assembles for this new venture.

Keep an eye out for Val and Tyne this September.

More info soon.

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