Sunday, 6 June 2010

Great Review for Charlie Runs Rings!

My SF adventure Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth received a 4/5 rating from Bitten By Books. Smashing news! I may join Charlie for a few victory laps later.

If you've yet to experience orbital running, head on over to Lyrical Press for a serious imagination workout.

Also available in e-book format from Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle, Diesel Ebooks, Mobipocket.


I love to write and read anything, said...

Congratulations on the great review!

Melissa Bradley said...

LOL, that's my comment. Don't why you got the first line of my profile.

Robert Appleton said...

Thanks so much, Melissa!

LOL that first line of your profile would make a cool Native American name. I want one.

Melissa Bradley said...

That would be a good Native American name. Guess I was subconsciously tapping into my Lakota roots, whispy though they are.