Saturday, 30 October 2010

2011 EPIC Award Finalist!

No, make that a double...EPIC Award finalist. Amazingly, both my entries made the shortlist for the big prize this year in their respective categories. My WW2 crocodile attack thriller Sunset on Ramree hit the spot in Historical Fiction, while Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth scored a nomination for Science Fiction. How pleased am I?


Wish me luck in the finals, announced at the ceremony in Virginia, March 2011. EPIC celebrates the best in digital publishing from around the world each year, and the "Eppie" award is regarded as the top prize for eBooks. I hope you'll join me in a glass or two of cyber bubbly.




Melissa Bradley said...

Congratulations!!!!! Way to go Robert, I wish you all the best in the upcoming awards. A toast to you with some of that cyber bubbly...Here's to ever increasing successes and sales.

Robert Appleton said...

::clinks glasses with Melissa::

Thanks so much! It's the first time I've been nominated for anything like the Eppies, so it'll take a while to sink in. Now I'll have to figure out what I did right and keep doing it! lol