Saturday, 13 November 2010

November Writing Update!

This is by far the most hectic Nov/Dec I’ve had as a writer! Exciting but hectic. Anyone have a spare DeLorean with a flux capacitor handy...

I watched the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-Ray the other day and it’s aged extremely well. The stories are so good and Marty and Doc are such a great quirky double-act, I never get tired of rewatching. It might be my favourite movie trilogy of all, and those nail-biting finales to parts 1 & 3—never bettered.

Sloane Taylor and I are gearing up for our blog/chat/interview tour for Claire de Lune, the erotic sci-fi mystery novel we co-wrote at Amber Quill Press (Amber Heat). It’s been such a unique project right from the start (both on and off the page), we’ve got plenty of material to share with you—male/female perspectives, blending genres, spicing up a romantic novel, the lunar beauty pageant, creating a sci-fi world. The release date for the eBook is Nov 28, and the paperback will follow some time in December.

And we’re so pleased with the book, Sloane and I are collaborating on a new erotic sci-fi romance novella, titled Dark Side of the Moon. It’s a prequel of sorts featuring one of the secondary characters from Claire de Lune. The outline already has us plotting like crazy. Check out Sloane’s website to sample her phenomenal writing style—now imagine that in a wild sci-fi setting! I have to think at beyond light-speed to keep up with her.

December 7 sees the paperback release of Impulse Power, Samhain’s space opera romance anthology featuring The Mythmakers by yours truly. My co-authors, Nathalie Gray (Metal Reign) and J.C. Hay (Hearts and Minds), are frighteningly good in this genre, and I remember being floored when my story was chosen last year. Apparently there were tons of submissions. Look out for Impulse Power, available from Samhain, Amazon, and all good bookstores, soon.

Edits are completed on my steampunk mystery at Carina Press. The Mysterious Lady Law (new title) went through several drafts before my lovely editor, Alyssa Davis and I perfected the story arc. It’s a tricky mystery, part Sherlock Holmes, part retro science fiction, and a lot of fun. I’m still waiting for the cover art, but I have a release date to announce... January 31, 2011. :doffs hat to Alyssa:

I submitted my latest romantic sci-fi novel to Samhain a few weeks ago and should be hearing back before too long. Sparks in Cosmic Dust is a huge, treasure-seeking adventure featuring five down-on-their-luck characters on a dangerous prospecting dig beyond the farthest deep space outpost. It’s loosely inspired by The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (the 1948 Bogart classic), and was a bitch to write. At 89,000 words, it’s by far the longest story I’ve written. I’ve absolutely no idea how it’s going to be received. I do know it showcases some of my best writing, for what that’s worth. Let’s hope I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Okay, this is me signing off.



Sloane Taylor said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the releases of Impulse Power and The Mysterious Lady Law! Looking forward to reading them. Sparks in Cosmic Dust sounds like a great read, too.

It's a pleasure working with you, Rob. You've taught me a lot and I do appreciate it.:)

Melissa Bradley said...

Congrats on the new releases. I'll definitely be picking them up. I love steam punk and can't wait to see what you've done in The Mysterious Lady Law. Cosmic Dust sounds quite intriguing. I'm a huge Bogey fan and Treasure is one of his best.

BTF is a great trilogy. It has held up well, considering, but I do get a kick out the 80's look and the jokes. Takes me back to my days of big hair, shoulder pads and neon shirts.

Robert Appleton said...

The pleasure's all mine, Sloane. We did good.

It seems ages since my last book release (Feb!!). Only two weeks to go till CDL...

Robert Appleton said...

Melissa, you've got great taste in movies. I've watched Treasure of Sierra Madre so many times it's seared onto my brain. Ditto Back to the Future.

Which other old movie stars do you like?

Melissa Bradley said...

Why thank you, Robert! I have a passion for movies, especially the older classics. Some of my fave actors are Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Gregory Peck and Steve McQueen. I love what they say with a look, a simple gesture. Their presence just fills the screen.

What are some your faves?

Robert Appleton said...

Let me see -- I'll watch anything with Bette Davis in. Same for Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, James Stewart, Errol Flynn. Also Rita Hayworth and Deborah Kerr are perfection. I know what you mean about a look or a simple gesture. Those old stars are indelible.

Sad to hear about Tony Curtis recently. Always loved his film The Black Shield of Falworth.