Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Impulse Power - Out Now In Paperback

Samhain's super-shiny space romance anthology IMPULSE POWER, featuring The Mythmakers by yours truly, is out now in paperback! The other two stories in this triple threat extravaganza are Metal Reign (by Nathalie Gray) and Hearts and Minds (by JC Hay). Tremendous stories by ace writers. All this was masterminded by editor and Firefly fangirl, Sasha Knight. The much-ogled cover is the work of intergalactic super-being Kanaxa (aka Nathalie Gray).

IMPULSE POWER is available here, or you can order it from Amazon if you like.

Light-speed isn't fast enough to outrun the heart.


Melissa Bradley said...

Congratulations!! This sounds like one kick-ass anthology. I will most definitely have to pick up a copy. Paperback, of course, to match the Claire De Lune paperback that will soon be residing on my over stuffed bookshelves. I think they must be magic because I can always manage to find space for one or two more excellent books. :)

Robert Appleton said...

Hehe then I'm doubly honoured, Melissa. I actually wish these two releases had been spaced out a bit. It's been quiet all year and now everything happens at once. Shell-shock. Not that I'm complaining!

Thanks for the support. I'll get those interview answers ASAP. Something tells me Sloane is going no holds barred for this one. lol