Friday, 8 April 2011

Amazing Steampunk Trailer From Carina Press

In anticipation of Steampunk Week at Carina Press (the last week in April), the staff there have put together this utterly gorgeous trailer showing off seven steampunk titles. My novella, The Mysterious Lady Law, is among them!

How's that for a visual feast?

The individual titles are:

The Mysterious Lady Law by Robert Appleton
Badlands by Seleste deLaney
The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale by Christine Bell
Photographs and Phantoms by Cindy Spencer Pape
Island of Icarus by Christine Danse
Steam & Sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape
Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee


Melissa Bradley said...

What an amazing trailer! The folks at Carina did a great job in creating a mesmerizing glimpse into a very exciting genre.

Robert Appleton said...

Hi Melissa!

Didn't they do a great job? It's normally left to the author to make trailers, so this has impressed me no end.