Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunset on Ramree: HIstory's Deadliest Crocodile Attack -- 99 Cents on Kindle

Now that I have the rights back to several of my shorter works, I'm going to make most of them available for 99 cents each this summer. Considering the price of an ebook novel averages about 5 dollars, it's only fair that novellas and shorts cost a fraction of that.

So for starters, I've decided to take advantage of Amazon's self-publishing option for the reissue of Sunset on Ramree: History's Deadliest Crocodile Attack, my Award-winning* novelette based on true events during WW2.

I'm happy to report sales have already spiked for Ramree, so the 99 cents option is looking like a good one for these shorter books. Other titles I'm publishing on Kindle include The Eleven Hour Fall trilogy, the Esther May Morrow paranormal collection, and Cafe at the Edge of Outer Space.

*EPIC Winner 2011 - Best Historical Fiction

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