Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cyber Sparks - Read the First Two Chapters

With only ten days to go until the official book launch, I've uploaded the first two chapters of Cyber Sparks onto my website. It's a fairly fast-paced novella, so you'll get a pretty strong grasp of the characters and general thrust of the story from this introduction.

Hope you enjoy!

And here's the blurb for Cyber Sparks (Available now for pre-order from Carina Press; Official Release Date Aug 27):

My name is Allegra Mondebay, and this is the story of my last days on Earth...

Unlike my sparsely populated home, on Earth everything and everyone is plugged in. As a blacklisted model who needs to reboot my career, I can no longer resist the ultimate in virtual-reality networking: the omnipod. At first, altering the sights, sounds and scents around me seems harmless. Then I hear the voice.

Do not adjust your headset. You are in danger...

He says I must help him warn the public about the perils of the omnipod. I think he's just a hacker--until innocent people start dying, and the police want to hold me responsible. Now, I'm on the run in a stolen shuttle, trying to figure out why he needs me. And if I don't do as he says, he'll kill the woman I love.

32,000 words

Cyber Sparks is Book 3 in the Cosmic Sparks series from Carina Press.

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