Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Imperial Clock - Out Now

I have some exciting release news! Imperial Clock, the second novel in The Steam Clock Legacy series, is out now on Amazon Kindle.

A quick heads up--it will be available for FREE from April 18-22, so be sure to grab your digital copy. The paperback version will be available within the next few weeks.

The story begins in 1913, and covers the events that unfold whilst Professor Reardon is imprisoned in the Leviacrum tower, so it runs parallel to the final few chapters of Book One, Prehistoric Clock, rather than being a direct sequel. It also introduces two intriguing new heroines. Here's the description:

Facing a time of great turmoil across the Empire, Meredith and Sonja McEwan are the teenaged daughters of a disgraced scientist in Southsea, England. They've grown so close, so insular over the years, despising the world that despises them is all they know. But things are changing. Sonja has caught the eye of a dashing young teacher, and is falling in love, while Meredith, jealous, throws herself into solving the mystery of a powerful secret society in London, with devastating consequences.

Tidal waves, assassins, mind-boggling steam technology and women's denim trousers are about to arrive in a big way. Meanwhile, the legacy of Professor Reardon's time jump continues to throw up surprises in an age where nothing is certain. And no one is who they seem to be.

Book Two of The Steam Clock Legacy

93,000 words
I also have a release date for Yuletide Miracle, the holiday-themed novella I wrote for the same series. It will debut on May 14 on Kindle, then I'll see about putting it out in paperback, maybe with a couple of other steampunk shorts. I'm dying for you all to read this one as well. It's magical.

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