Monday, 16 February 2009

5 STAR Review for Lot 62!

Lot 62: An Esther May Morrow Mystery

Author: Arthur Everest

Julie Blalock’s unsatisfying life was about to change. After eight years of pretending to live in a normal world, Julie was about to embark on an exciting, but dangerous adventure. Before the death of her fiancé’, Derek, Julie worked as an MI6 agent, until her reported death drove Derek to suicide. Julie withdrew from her calling, taking a position with an accounting firm, until she was called in for a one time mission. Julie was to assume the identity of Dorothy Buchan and take her seat at Sotherby’s; an auction house that catered the elite. She was to gather all the information she could from Esther May Morrow, an elitist, who apparently had the inside information on everyone, and was also the owner of the lots being put up for auction. The auction was a VIP affair, and Julie would have to play the part of an obnoxious widow of wealth, guarding at all costs, the powerful ‘Archangel,’ from getting into the wrong hands.

Bravo! Arthur Everest, on an excellent story! Though few on pages, this short story is an intriguing voyage into the world of espionage, with a bit of a twist. It’s worth the read.

Genre: Mystery/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-926640-58-7
Publisher: Eternal Press

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