Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth

The highly regarded eBook and paperback publisher Lyrical Press, Inc. has offered me a contract for my brand new science fiction adventure, Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth. I'm ecstatic about this one, as it's the kind of deep space odyssey I used to love reading as a teenager.

A descendant of British speed legends Malcolm and Donald Campbell, Charlie Thorpe-Campbell is the world's premier orbital runner. Tonight is the biggest race of his life--the Tonne Run, a hundred laps of the earth. In his futuristic racing vehicle Bluebird, he must outrun the spectre of his father's crash on Europa, while maintaining his eight-year unbeaten streak. At thirty-three, his legs might be tiring, but there'll be no retiring for Charlie just yet.

When a mysterious wormhole appears mid-race, whisking him to the far side of the galaxy, Charlie's adventure begins on a barren, isolated planet where nothing is what it seems. Countless other spacecraft have been abducted, but why? Then there's the small matter of a continent-sized tree, and an elusive civilization with mind-boggling technology. Charlie might have run rings around the earth, but what will he find on his personal odyssey a billion light years from home?

I can't wait to release this short novel. Lyrical Press is really going places in the e-publishing world, so Charlie's in good company. Let's see how far he can go!


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